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Platforme V2 launched     01/07/2009
The New platform (V2) launched today, brings more flexibility, new features as well as more opportunities for our Strategic Partners

GreatLiveGames launched today its New platform V2; with enhanced features for gaming (Tournaments, Duels in both asynchrony and real-time) as well as for the Community (Preferred games, MyFriends, MyTournaments, Blog, Chat, Messages...).

Rewards for gamers are now either in "Stars", a Virtual Money, Cash (€ now and Multicurrency by end of 2009) as well as gifts.

Back Office management has also been redesigned to offer its partners, real time analytics on players, games and revenue generation.

The V2 platform is now integrated in 11 partner’s sites which drive more than 7 million visitors per month and is available in English and French; additional languages will follow on partner’s requests.

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