Our Game Platform

Allow player to enjoy Casual Games to challenge other on skill games while betting on their victory to win cash.





Opportunities with our Game Platform

The GreatLiveGames platform infrastructure can be licensed in a cost-effective way, much more effective than hiring a large team of programmers to build such platform, and provides you with a robust and managed suite of multiplayer casual games of skill features that have proven to attract, retain, and monetize players online.

5 key benefits

Benefit 1: New Customer Acquisition (read more)

Benefit 2: Robust Platform Technology (read more)

Benefit 3: Engaging Tournament and Event Content

GreatLiveGames platform has proven to keep players engaged with exciting tournament formats and rich player communities. GreatLiveGames has a catalogue of over 21 "skill certified" multiplayer games only. Our platform offers carefully balanced chat, friends’ lists, player statistics, blog, avatar, internet cafés (chat rooms) and other community features to provide players with a memorable competitive experience that is not overwhelmed by too much community or too little action.

Benefit 4: Increase your revenue (read more)

Benefit 5: Platform & Games customization

We also offer the possibility to customize our platform and the games according to your portal's look and feel.

Additional Benefits

  • Completely customizable interface – everything can be designed for our partners
  • Over 21 integrated online casual games of skill
  • Stringent anti-cheating technology
  • No download required to play
  • Easy player account creation
  • Flexible deposit, challenges and rake configurations
  • Multiple bonus codes with configurable play and withdrawal restrictions
  • Real-time, daily, weekly, and monthly detailed reports
  • 100% firewall penetration – everyone can play at work
  • Free and cash play supported simultaneously
  • Advanced fraud filtration
  • Product hosting at Class A facility
  • Varied levels of partners and affiliate
  • Flexible language strings
  • Friends list management and community features
  • Comprehensive player leader boards and real-time winning updates
  • Advanced player history, player statistics, and balance history
  • Many Multiplayer tournament types supported
  • Servers and hosting services
  • Full customer service support for all games and game related issues.
  • Chat rooms and in game chat
  • Tournaments and jackpot, Game lobbies, player profiles, blog, photo galleries, and much more!